"First release on this new label from Tokyo. ""Schole" is a word from ancient Greek and means "spare moment." The word "schole" also indicates a fertile creativeness which everyone is able to develop independently in their free time. It could be browsing arts, going for a walk or reading.types and sizes are not a matter. But, if you ever felt something by doing things, that will be the essence of "schole." In this album "Schole Compilation vol.1," there are 14 newly written, deep but warming, pieces which might make you feel enriched after listening by 13 artists." (label info) Feat. Lullatone, RF & Lili De La Mora, Familiar Trees, daisuke miyatani, haruka nakamura, Lullatone & Aki Tsuyuko, .tape., The Banjo Consorsium, Akira Kosemura, Dom Mino', cokiyu, Channel In Channel Out and MOTORO FAAM." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2007| SCHOLE RECORDS | 13.90

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