V.A. - SQUADRON 2 (5x7")

"The original Squadron project was the first compilation release on Merck. So it's only fitting that the final compilation release will be Squadron 2. The CD will be coming out in late August, but we initially present a set of 11 tracks on a five by 7" box set. Hand packaged and numbered, limited to 555 copies, and including 2 stickers and a poster inside, it is one of the most rare and limited edition projects done to date on Merck. The music on the release includes Royal Foxbridge, Sumo Lounge, Nautilis, Chachi Jones, Tycho, Winnie the Shit, and Deceptikon. An excellent collection of IDM oriented hiphop goodness, and not a release to be missed. A. Royal Foxbridge - Regler Les Problemes Du Monde Pt. 1 B1. Royal Foxbridge & Xejax - Regler Les Problemes Du Monde Pt. 2 B2. Royal Foxbridge - Dan Living Pan C. Royal Foxbridge & Xejax - Bite Garret's Style D. Royal Foxbridge & Xejax - Hydroponics 101 E. Sumo Lounge - One Note Cripple F. Sumo Lounge - Second Time Around G. Tycho - Send and Receive (Chachi Jones Remix) H. Tycho - Sunrise Projector (Dice remix by Nautilis) I. Winnie The Shit - Sorry I Shook You J. Winnie The Shit - Sorry I Shook You (Deceptikon Remix)" (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| MERCK | 19.90

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