"On Earth" is a TV film by author Grégory Chatonsky which he also directs. His medium of choice is the Internet, his theme traveling by train. Three stories and three figures meet in a rhythm of new narrative techniques enabled by digital technology: fragmentation, generativity, random combinations, capturing of currents, . a world of possibilities Website visitors can explore indefinitely. Sur-Terre is also an original soundtrack performed by the best present international electronic musicians. Composed from train sounds (rattlings of wheels and carriages, whistling) and train station atmosphere, "Soundtrack for Variable Fiction" is a subtle and beautiful electronic compilation that follows the random combinations of the movie. This album contains 15 previous unreleased material from Scanner, Fennesz, Francisco Lopez, Pita, Steve Roden, Vladislav Delay, Christophe Charles, Heller, Abstrackt Keal Agram, Tim Hecker, Robert Babicz,Pure, General Magic, Atau Tanaka and Hazard." (label info) Co-produced by Textile and Arte.
in stock | FR| 2006| YTTERBIUM | 13.90

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