"The Bone Tickling Nightmare Pig is a compilation that features the next generation of contenders for Nurse With Wound's crown. So willfully obscure is the compilation that Aquarius has only encountered three of the projects on this compilation: those being the Broken Penis Orchestra, Mixed Band Philanthropist (aka Richard Rupenus of New Blockaders and Organum infamy who has contributed a rare track from an old cassette dating back to 1983) and Forms of Things Unknown (longtime AQ patron Ferrara Brain Pan with a well done offering of plunderphonics with exotic rhythms and decontextualized spoken samples). With projects entitled things like snma, and Nequaquam Vacuum, this is definitely an album made by wacky absurdists for wacky absurdists. Within the context, The Bone Tickling Nightmare Pig is a pretty well done concoction of Fflint Central electronica damage, Sylvie 'n' Babs tape collages, and shit-stained Surrealism." - Aquarius (USA)
in stock | UK| 2003| PSYCHOCHRIST | 10.90

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