V.A. - TOOT-PAK #1 (5 X 3"CD)

"recordings taken from Toot - the 1999 international ROOT festival of Sound, Performance and Media Art. Offering fantastically good value for money - five 3" CD's are included with an array of intriguing and rare audio performances. Across the CD's we are treated to exclusive pieces commissioned by and performed for Hull Time Based Arts. Work included comes from - Charlemagne Palestine (sustained notes from 3 electronic keyboards, piano notes and voice), Blir (SND), The User (with the Dot Matrix Printer symphony), Hayley Newman, Jon Rose, Helmut Lemke, Rhombic Youth Orchestra, , Klunk and many more. Each 3" CD is packaged in a colour coded card sleeve and all 5 cd's are housed in a re-sealable Polythene bag." (label info) special offer
in stock | UK| 2001| TOOT-PAK | 9.90

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