V.A. - TROPICAL HEAT VOLUME 1 (12" - USED vg+/m-)

"Tropical Heat Volume 1 is the first in a series of compilation EPs on the Myor imprint. Six tracks provided by six of the best beat producers on the planet right now. Rekordah (Lo Fi Funk, Pollen) & Coco Bryce (Harmönia, Lowriders) both opt for some abstract beat mangling, while Harmönia head honcho Mesak delivers a slice of prime Skweee minimalism. Slugabed (Ramp, Planet Mu) gets deep, slow and melancholic on "Here You Are". Nińo (Dodpop, Galleta) takes the best of electronic Funk and combines it with some neat crooked beat trickery, resulting in some top notch instrumental future R&B. To finish it off we got Saccage teaming up with Incense for a classic Boom Bap style Hip Hop tune." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2010| vg+/m-| MYOR | 5.00

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