"Next in the archive audio CDs exploring TWENTIETH CENTURY AVANTGARDE and MODERNIST ART. This one features interviews and phonetic poetry by six key figures of the celebrated Dada movement in the period 1916-1923. Featuring MARCEL DUCHAMP (two interviews (1959) and a reading (1967)), TRISTAN TZARA (poem, 1948), KURT SCHWITTERS (two phonetic poems, 1932), RICHARD HUELSENBECK (interview from 1959, reading 1967), RAOUL HAUSMANN (three phonetic poems, 1956 and interview, 1959) and HANS ARP (Dada spruche 1961. Remastered, 12-page booklet with detailed lines notes by James Hayward plus associated images and graphics." (label info)
in stock | EU| 2006| LTM | 16.90

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