Members of the group P.D. (later renamed P16.D4) founded the label Selektion in 1980. Using the name Wahrnehmungen the label released 19 cassettes in 1980/1981. The tapes mostly presented experimental projects by members of the group and their collaborators. This set features 5 of these cassettes, each taking one LP-side. LP-side 6 can be seen as a virtual cassette: P16.D4 recordings from 1981, here released for the first time ever. Incl. ERTRINKEN VAKUUM, KURZSCHLUSS , LLL, PERMUTATIVE DISTORSION: DER APATHISCHE ALPTRAUM, P16.D4 (label info) members edition with 7"
in stock | DE| 2005| VINYL-ON-DEMAND | 55.90

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