"sozialistischer plattenbau is gladly announcing the third part of the bomb fi dub series. the first side starts in a dark & and spaced dub with the next from hamburgs dubstep crew wobwob. followed by a very experimental, flowting scatter dub by leipzigs alphacut boss lxc with karlmarxstadt who might be known as the bear part of society suckers. the flipside goes more down to raggae vibes starting up with the full voiced badass ridim by the belgium nicky nuts, known from his junglist label animal breaks, & eka the mad samplist featuring jagan & mc stoneman with french toasting. the record ends with a dubstep version of a jah seal tune maximized by no other then berlin resident trcky d from tricky tunes." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2007| SOZIALIST. PLATTENBAU | 7.50

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