"For this release Jürgen Schweighart, alias V2 Schneider, sat down, saved and listened to approximately 50 original master tapes, reels and cassettes from 1980 to 1985 including his official tape releases "Vol. 1" (1981), "Blues" (1982), "Abgrund der Gefühle" (1984), "Nr.1 in Hong Kong" (1985), "After A.I.D.S. Symphony" (1985) and many so far unreleased hidden treasures, demos and out-takes. At the request of Frank of VOD-Records, none of the tracks were remixed or edited and therefore kept in their authentic original and charming form. Going back to the sound and feeling of early cassette music is for the mature ear challenging and rewarding at the same time. This music just cannot be done anymore in this time and age and for good reasons. The energy of youth and also NOT having the state of the art studio equipment makes one curious and excited. Sometimes it is in those limitations that very interesting things are born, despite the factor that a lot of those old songs sound pretty noisy and amateurism. But that is the point and a lot of fun came out of it... ...and maybe we were some kind of pioneers..." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2014| VINYL-ON-DEMAND | 49.90

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