"Ventil was formed in 2014 by Peter Kutin & Florian Kindlinger. Having previously worked together in the drone ensemble Dirac, releasing acclaimed records for labels such as the Japanese Spekk, Kutin & Kindlinger founded Ventil to expand their musical aesthetic. Collaborating with instrumentalists (in this case, drums and synths), they create an intense form of music that places itself somewhere between industrial, techno and ambient. This LP was produced entirely at their remote studio in the outer reaches of Austria's rural areas, a peculiar place internationally known (if at all) for flooding catastrophes and stories of raccoon suicide. Far from the city's gossip and ego battles, away from the clubs and parties, leaving only a solitude and space to focus on producing music. The mastering of the LP was done by Douglas Henderson. Ventil are Peter Kutin (electronics, guitar), Florian Kindlinger (electronics, guitar, basssynth), Michael Lahner (synthesizers, electronics), Katharina Ernst (drums), Conny Zenk (light structures at live shows)." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | AT| 2015| VENTIL RECORDS | 16.90

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