"To have Vernon & Burns it sees a return to the radio play days, as they incorporate a lot of spoken word in their little pieces. They don't make necessarily a story per se. Not inside a track, but also not as a whole. These stories rather set a mood, although its not a clear one. It might be a different mood for each listener. There are funny bits, sad bits, melancholic bits, spooky bits, all packed with musique concrete elements, electro-acoustic music and such like, which are placed with great care onto the spoken word material and the plundered sounds from old trash-bin records. Matches being struck, water sounds, quite fascinating stuff really. One could argue that it would be nice to see them working within a larger story frame, and no doubt that's something for the future. This CD - recorded in 2007 already - shows Vernon & Burns at their best, quite coherent in their action than their recent, somewhat shattered LP release for Gagarin (see Vital Weekly 722). An excellent head trip. Much better to spend your time with this than watching any tube." (FdW)
in stock | US| 2010| STAALPLAAT | 14.90

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