"Lothar Fiedler (D) guitars, electronics Michael Vorfeld (D) percussion, stringed instruments Michael Walz (D) sampling, electronics guests: Boris D. Hegenbart (D) live-electronics Terre Thaemlitz (USA, J) electronics; Back in March 1999, when the three Berlin-based musicians were invited to perform at "Stagnation and Stimulant", part of the MontagsMusik series at Podewil, they could not have foreseen their work together extending far beyond that one-off project. The present recordings and their subsequent re-editing were realized during the course of the year 2000 in a self- installed sound laboratory in the Berlin district of Wedding and include collaborations with Aleks Kolkowski and Boris D. Hegenbart." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2001| X-TRACT | 15.90

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