"In 1976, Shandar released an album by the Guitares Dérive duo, founded in Paris in1974 by Vincent Le Masne and Bertrand Porquet co-composers and interpreters of their own original music on two classical guitars. It's a music that is written, structured and highly evocative thanks partly to its somewhat dreamy name, 'Guitares Dérive' ! The album, recorded live in the studio, is particularly original. It has a certain affinity with the American minimalist trend (whose artists are to be found on Shandar), yet its register is quite different by virtue of its writing, which avoids all systematisation in the repetition of musical phrases, but on the contrary, constantly evolves. Via its unique style, this fluid and pure sounding music slowly and comfortably bathes its listener in a kind of intoxicating quietude, without lapsing into sentimentality, as the work is underpinned by remarkable technical virtuosity throughout these three lengthy compositions. For this reissue, the Guitares Dérive duo's album was remastered by Vincent Le Masne himself along with Alexis Frenkel (Art et Son Studio, Paris). It also contains a previously unreleased bonus track from the same period. This new release is highly recommended to all fans of jazz, repetitive music, avant-garde music, flamenco, classical and contemporary music, but also to all guitar aficionados and especially to admirers of John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Bola Sete, Sandy Bull and Jack Rose. Over thirty years later, the rare Guitares Dérive album -never before reissued- has at last resurfaced. It is now available for the first time on CD, in a Digipack edition, complete with its original sleeve." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2010| FRACTAL | 17.90

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