"Delay has always been a maverick artist. But after relocating to Hailuoto in 2008, what he calls "absolute freedom" has become the de facto muse guiding his music. On 2009's Tummaa, Delay cracked open ambient dub's hermetically sealed aesthetic and ushered in elements of jazz-fusion, free improv and industrial noise. Tummaa is dark, restless and challenging. It's also a stepping stone, one that leads directly to Vladislav Delay Quartet, the musician's most radical statement to date. Though this absolute freedom is inextricably linked to the relative isolation of his Finnish home, Delay's latest record is very much a product of collective participation and multiple locales. In Derek Shirley, Lucio Capece and Mika Vainio, Delay has found three musicians more than willing to translate such a nonnegotiable concept into sound. A balance is reached between individuality and the demands of the unit. "This ensemble," says Shirley, "functions as four individual and strong voices meeting together in the middle."" (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | GB| 2011| HONEST JON'S RECORDS | 16.90

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