"Commencing manages to be both a retrospective of the group's 20 year history as well as it´s own unique release filled with vast amounts of material. The 5 albums, 64 tracks & over 4 hours in length, presented here has been carefully put together over the last couple of years to become an entity - working as much by itself as well as a whole. Expect an abundance of unreleased material, alt-versions, tracks from early cassette albums never released on vinyl, live recordings, pieces from forgotten compilation appearances and more, all mixed and compiled together to form 5 stand-alone albums. The physical release also includes a book of writings, photos and flyers from their long history, along with a bonus download only album of tracks that didn't make the final cut. This is the ultimate VTB release for fans of the group and of surreal, experimental musical history in general. Deluxe Silkscreened Box-set, incl. 5LPs with individual covers & linernotes for each track on the back, 50 page book of photos, artwork, flyers and stories of the band´s 20 years of existence. Also includes a free download of all 64 tracks + 10 track bonus album." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | NO| 2015| MIASMAH | 89.90

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