"This album is the result of 10 years of preserved sounds, vocal blubber, field recordings and printed leftovers. These elements are collaged together into a travelogue of sorts, departing from Vom Grill's (or Dennis Tyfus') bedroom towards the bar across the street - a short journey indeed! - where a destroyed piano is pushed by Jos Steen onto Bert Pels and DT, who crawl out from underneath clad only in kids' accordions. "I'm going over to the over side" -- where Gregg Bishop awaits you in a dried-out whiskey barrel, and Flor Hermans drones above on the violin, breaking into 'Jan Broeder' - a classic he used to play with Wannes Van De Velde in former times. Then, in a few unsupervised moments, a toothpaste-and-guitar duo with Bill Nace of Body/Head takes over, until someone who is not quite the fat lady starts to sing... Limited to 220 numbered copies with 11 various-sized inserts." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2015| ULTRA ECZEMA | 19.90

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