"What happens when music becomes a weapon? For his project "Conflict Music - The Soundtrack of World Cultures", composer and film director Christian von Borries deals with the role of music in military conflicts. In doing so, different perspectives and facets such as military training, music as weapon, music in future wars are picked up on and artistically processed. Musically, early incarnations of military march music as well as scores and compositions from distinct artists such as Beethoven, Zarah Leander, Hanns Eisler, Shostakovich, Nyash Myash, Iannis Xenakis or Drowning Pool are being rearranged and partly recomposed. The audio-visual live performance with members of the Ensemble Garage under the aegis of Concerto Köln and musicians of the Center for Ancient Music took place under the direction of Christian von Borries, as event of the Academy of the Arts of the World in the context of the Acht Brücken Festival in May 2015 in Cologne. To this end, excerpts of the movie "Christian von Borries - Desert of the Real - An Essayistic Documentary Film as Postmodern Western", partly shot on location at IDEX (International Defense Exhibition - Weapons Fair Abu Dhabi), were projected on stage and linked with critical performative contributions and reflexions. Musical interludes from lebanese musician Rayess Bek were integrated into the performance via live streams directly from Beirut. Under the title "Re-Conflict", Cologne artist Wolfgang Voigt "remixed" extracts from the ensemble rehearsals recorded shortly before the performance, which in turn became part of the performance itself. " (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| EXPONATE | 16.90

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