Tracklist: A. Duvet Days (Barnt Remix) 09:49 B. Breaking Formation (Axel Boman Remix) 08:49 "With Barnt and Axel Boman, two well-known names open the round of remixes for Von Spar's latest album "Streetlife". Both artists had a free choice of songs on which to place their unmistakable stamp. Barnt - long a companion and close friend of the band - uncovers epic dimensions on "Duvet Days" and expands the song to almost ten minutes. Here the celebrated Cologne producer, DJ and co-owner of the Magazine label develops a hypnotic maelstrom, interweaving his typically uncompromising rhythm arrangement of metallic hi-hats and reverberant claps artfully with the New Age Kraut melodics of the original song. Axel Boman (Studio Barnhus / Pampa) has transformed Von Spar's song "Breaking Formation" into a Balearic Soft Acid ballad. Smooth arpeggiators drift charmingly towards the sun and the vocals of Canadian Christopher Cummings are set amid dubby echoes to create a yearningly transcendental aphrodisiac. The digital package for the remix EP additionally offers the track to purists as an instrumental. These two remixes transport the Cologne-Berlin quartet's artful songwriting onto the dancefloor with an understanding of how to move both body and soul alike." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2016| ITALIC | 12.50

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