"VOX POPULI!, variable geometry project initiated by Greek rooted French Axel Kyrou, is born in 1982.The next year, a first mini-lp, "Ectoplasmies", under coldwave influences, is released on the VP231 label, created with one leading band of industrial French scene Pacific 231. Following its encounter with Persian originated wife to become, Mitra and her brother Arach in 1984,Kyrou will work to express in his music the passion he has for oriental music, electronic and psychedelic rock.The albums Myscitismes and Aither (released in 1989 on the V.I.S.A. label), involving numerous musicians, bring the mark of this uncommon mix of styles.These 26 tracks recorded from 1984 to 2009 will lead you through the eclectic musical spheres of the band along the 77.33 minutes of this completely remastered CD." (label info)
in stock | ES| 2009| INFRASTITION | 17.90

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