"Ambient serenity from the Astral Industries camp - the people that brought you sell-out releases from Deepchord, Chi, Heavenly Music Corp and Peter Hamel. Label head Ari's ear for sublime sounds knows no bounds as he releases yet another future classic of ambient electronics. Expansive but delicate waves of sonic winds characterize the release, crumbling and drifting into serene nothingness, a wide-capture field recording that seems to take in much more than our known frequency range. Almost as if background radiation and cosmic rays are being converted into our audible frequency range, only to be lost back into the UV spectrum as soon as our minds manage to take focus. As usual, stupendously limited with no plans for a repress announced from the label as yet." (label info) Chris Troy, Rod Modell
in stock | UK| 2017| ASTRAL INDUSTRIES | 29.90

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