"On his first solo-release, Werner Durand presents six works all dealing with the buzzing phenomena. This phenomena is found in many musical cultures around the world as an integral part of the sound, e.g. with chinese and korean flutes, ethiopian and basque string instruments and also the indian tanpura. In some cultures, it is said that it brings out the soul of the sound. After using traverse flutes with buzzers in the mid-eighties, he started to experiment with other types of wind-instruments and eventually the use of resonators while working with percussionist Pierre Berthet in 1991. He also composed two pieces for buzzing ensemble including buzz-clarinets and -flutes, buzz-guitars, frame drums, tanpuras and the buzz-chime built by Bob Rutman. All pieces are recorded in multi-track, sometimes using delays and loops without changing the characteristics of the original sounds. The instruments used here are pvc-pipes with sax-mouthpieces." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2001| X-TRACT | 16.90

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