"White/Light is the Velvets-fixated duo of Matt Clark and Jeremy Lemos, who both have roots in the contemporary underground. Clark played in Chicago's Joan of Arc, while Lemos has associations with Sonic Youth and Jim O'Rourke through his soundboard work. Together the pair work huge cylinders of melodic drone into repeat cycles as evocatively wired as 'Krautrock'-era Faust, only to shackle them to great monolithic riffs borne of the classic Melvins/Earth tradition. '28:43' is the album's centerpiece, with slow, cast iron riffs bleeding rust and shortwave flutter in a way that best approximates the feel of wearing iron boots in zero gravity. The closing track, '04:45', is a spit for the candyfloss and comedown feel of Sonic Boom's tracks on Spacemen 3's Playing With Fire album." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| REBIS | 14.90

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