"Deluxe double LP edition of one of the central 'modern' Whitehouse albums, 2003's Bird Seed. Bird Seed is the first fully realized album to come from the seeds of the new language-focused approach inaugurated by Cruise. It also represents the first introduction of the torrential polyrhythmic apocalypse style that would find its apex on Racket, with a pounding wall of drums that matches the insane velocity of the electronics. Bird Seed features a clutch of tracks that are easily some of the best Whitehouse creations; the insane single, "Wriggle Like A Fucking Eel"; the extreme psychological firewalk of "Cut Hands Has The Solution"; the Tracey Emin-inspired "Why You Never Became A Dancer". A classic Whitehouse album, nothing else quite like it, highly recommended. (Volcanic Tongue)
in stock | NL| 2009| VERY FRIENDLY | 19.90

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