"It's been a while NO=FI recordings didn't have out a rock'n'roll release. So here were now, happy to be back with a GREAT rock'n'roll album. WILDMEN is a duo and we love 'em: young motherfuckers, funny guys, the live show is wild as the name says... and they got such an amazing album out! Some songs reminds me of Black Flag (keep an eye on the drummer!), other stuff is more kind of Ty Segall and Black Lips style: guitar riffs able to be stocked in your mind for ages! 11 killer tracks you can play again and again and again... They toured Europe in 2012, with two singles out - 20.000$ and I Spit On Your Graves - and after this came a split with the fantastic Capputtini I Lignu! Now we are glad to put out the cassette version of their debut album (LP out on Shit Music For Shit People)." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2013| NO=FI RECORDINGS | 7.90

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