"For WOLFGANG VOIGT, techno is a means of constantly reinventing himself. After the publication of the highly idiosyncratic "Freiland - Klaviermusik", the two "Sog" records "Abweichung" and "Fremde Hände", and "Du musst nichts sagen", on Profan, his new album KAFKATRAX is dedicated to the human voice. As in previous projects, VOIGT is solely interested in the sound and the structure of the original material - in this case recited text. Using various cutting and covering techniques, he disassembles the text into a disturbing, abstract "literature rap" that at best creates an illusion of comprehending fragments of the shredded words and sentences left over. In combination with Voigt's typical Umta techno beat, the outcome is a kind of vocal polka consisting of voices and their side acoustics that sound like psychedelic without guitars or acid without 303. The fact that Voigt used a Kafka audio book CD, reminiscent of his literary preferences as a teenager, is entirely meaningless to the final musical product - Voigt is only interested in the sound of recited vocal text. He could have equally used Thomas Mann or the Grimm Brothers. What is interesting however is that by covering and layering the voices across up to 5 octaves, a claustrophobic, nightmarish atmosphere is created that can definitely be described as "Kafkaesque". Acid..." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2011| PROFAN | 14.90

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