special price "The vinyl version of the critically acclaimed WOLFMANGLER meisterwerk, presented here in an ultra deluxe double LP version. Heavyweight gatefold in a poly bag with black and metallic silver cover sticker. New artwork graces the inside gatefold, a literal interpretation of the album title: a grim forest filled with crucified wolves and dead ravens by art genius French (Blackest Rainbow, Heroin skateboards, etc). The vinyl itself is presented as a double LP, with side D containing two previously unreleased tracks, 'King Guthrum' and 'Herbst'. As if this were not enough, the set is completed with two posters printed on newsprint-style recycled paper. One features the cover artwork by Alexander Tucker, the other depicting the gatefold artwork by French. " (label info)
in stock | BEL| 2006| AURORA BOREALIS | 10.90

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