"2008 was the worst year of James Jackson Toth's life. It all began when, in the midst of an ill-fated and illconceived 57-day tour, his entire band - including his wife and partner of ten years - bailed, leaving Toth to finish the tour on his own. After that Toth suffered a driving-related arrest and subsequent evening in jail, split with both his manager and record label, discovered that even his meager record store job back home was no longer available, found his utility bills had doubled, and survived what he calls his "Bukowski Christmas." Clearly, he was being tested. The only music that made sense to him during this time was power electronics and the "Roadhouse" station on XM satellite radio. Born Bad is the product of these very dark days, an group of songs that, when presented to the label in demo form (as they appear here), was very likely the final nail in the coffin of Toth's relationship with said label. As for the run of personal hardship and extremely bad luck - well, Toth seems to be mostly over it all now, or at least well on his way. But the songs survive, as songs do." (label info) Co-released with Mad Monk, limited edition of 500 copies.
in stock | US| 2009| PEOPLE IN A POSITION TO | 18.90

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