"In summer 2014, Ya Tosiba have released the single "Mollah The Machine" on Pingipung which quickly sold out. Teaming up with RSS Disco's Mireia imprint we release this 7inch single, strictly limited to 175 copies. RSS Disco remix "Mas,in". The infamous DJ and producer trio from Hamburg focus on slow basslines and make these synth pads shimmer. The original Ya Tosiba song is about the sudden appearance of cars in the streets of Baku in the 80s. It's a more than perfect cruising track now! Patric Catani aka Candie Hank mixes a hilarious, bouncing version of "Molla", paying tribute to Zuzu's funky meykhana vocals. This remix perfectly captures the hilarious, crazy qualities of the original and turns them into something huge." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2015| PINGIPUNG | 6.50

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