"Presenting a brand new composition from Taiwan based sound artist, Yannick Dauby.The Growth of Artefacts is a rich atmospheric soundscape based on british anthropologist Tim Engold's 'On Weaving a Basket'." (label info) "The world of our experience is, indeed, continually and endlessly coming into being around us as we weave. If it has a surface, it is like the surface of the basket: it has no 'inside' or 'outside'. Mind is not above, nor nature below; rather, if we ask where mind is, it is in the weave of the surface itself. And it is within this weave that our projects of making, whatever they may be, are formulated and come to fruition. Only if we are capable of weaving, only then can we make." (Tim Ingold, "On weaving a basket")
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2015| DISCREPANT | 7.90

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