"At All Ends is the third major record in the Yellow Swans vast body of work. This record is an assured record of chiming drone and heady pelvic sky fuckery. New sounds emerge from the Yellow Swans camp that are more hushed, and whisper with the logic of deep space. Whereas the last record was a laser beam guided minimal transmission with dark overtones, this new release injects sonic clouds full of pink oxycontin. Guitar lines sketch out a melodic vision that stupifies with hypnotic repetition with layer upon layer of rich and dense guitar chug build into multi-orgasm songscapes that leave the loins sore and the mind spent. An exhausting journey into pleasure and single-mindedness. Elements of lush drone stretch the proceedings in vast strokes." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2008| WEIRD FOREST | 14.90

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