"(Gipsy Sphinxs) third release is a full LP (+/-40min) from Marcia Bassetts solo project Zaďmph. Marcia is well known for her leading role in freefolk/improv groups such as Double Leopards and GHQ, as well as for her groundbreaking work with free guitar/flesh metal duo Hototogisu. With her solo project Zaďmph she starts off from the base these groups laid out and takes things to another level, shredding boundaries between dark noise, drone and psych music. Its deeply meditative yet darkly disturbing and emotionally touching music. The LP, Zaďmphs vinyl debut, is pressed in a one-time edition of 525 copies on 180g vinyl with paste-on artwork on thick black jackets, full color 2-sided art paper insert, resealable plastic sleeve; etc.." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| GIPSY SPHINX | 15.90

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