CD One is a rather mild affair, with drones and synth sounds that rumble in the lower sound spectrum with an occasional click that, however never grows out to be a rhythm. The second CD seems to be more "rhythmical". Imbedded in a stream of collaged sounds, rhythms (maybe it's better to say "flow of short repeated sounds") keep popping up. The sounds itself are that of low end bass ones and sometimes, very short high pitched sounds. As the piece evolves, erosion sets in: the low end (by now very low end) sounds have taken over life, only the be intercepted by a short, abrupt sound. The last CD in this trilogy is where everything happens on a more or less audible level. For roughly the first eleven minutes all the samples and their processing seem to come forth from eachother, and everything seems to be the logical extent to the other. Then a Chain Reaction like beat kicks in, but that seems short and the previous sounds take over, ultimately giving way to the rhythm again. Three considerable different CD's which clearly show the talent of Karkowski as one of the more interesting electronic composers and to those who doubt: also one that is capable of producing more then just noise. (FdW)
soon in stock - please pre-order | J| 2001| FIREWORK EDITION | 12.90

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