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"Secluded Bronte is a trans-acoustic miniature lodge from London that propagates Music Theatre from Hell. The trio - the infamous Bohman Brothers and radiologic composer Richard Thomas - revel in Psychedelic No Wave Go Go OuLiPo Disco Lipogrammatic Fantasy Rhythm and ...
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"We are tempted to say Jimi Tenor is back but how could we? The energy oddball never left the Weltbühne! On the contrary, he whirls ideas around his tongue and flings them at our eyeballs faster than a chameleon could sneeze. This fair Finn keeps on experimenting with ...
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"Mariola Brillowska generates a flood of pictures with her words. It is a cinematic spectacle whose claws cling to the listeners brain. This single is like a coin with the same face on both sides; no matter how you toss it, it turns out Love. The chanson "Liebeskrebs" ...
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"Songs filled with yearning of a time that seems to bear no relation to our present day; is it the future or the past? Nobody knows. Nostalgic sounds merged with foreign melodies, seductive and poised at the same time. Soft Focus consists of the post-afrofuturist Jimi ...
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