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"initially the music by the knob, the finger & the it was conceived as some sort of ritual background ambient during extensive electroacoustic picnics by the river or in the fields. in the course of these sessions, the knob, the finger & the it make use of battery ...
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"ROW goes back to a collecting of field recordings that Hirsch took for Oerol, an annual theatre festival taking place on the West Frisian island of Terschelling / NL. The recording was taken aboard the ARAD, a lifeboat of the Dutch rowing team Roeiteam Terschelling ...
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"After numerous concerts and performances throughout the last years, Summe 1 is Andreas O. Hirsch's first release on makiphon, concentratimg on peculiar soundscapes and drony pieces, carefully interwoven by means of pitched harmonicas, electric guitars, mini fans, ...
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"Debut by Julia Bünnagel, Patricia Koellges and Tamara Lorenz who have a background in the visual arts. The title SPECTODRAMA goes back to a concept by Xanti Schawinsky, a Bauhaus artist who developed his ideas of expanding theatrical possibilities by integrating ...
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