"Two one-man bands teamed up to match their ideas and work collectively. Wolfgang Petters and Klaus Patzak the two creative heads behind their projects "A Million Mercies" and "Broken Radio" have been defining members of the Hausmusik universe since its early days in the 90ies (Borrowed Tunes, Fred is Dead or Village of Savoonga). A handful of unfinished songs, some instruments, microphones and a laptop in their luggage - this how they hit the road to Italy for a relaxed recording session. With plenty of good food and wine it did not take very long until ideas came popping up and inspiration was flowing. So the eleven original tracks on "Sample & Hold" emergerd. Some additional recording took place in Munich with wonderful guest vocalist Claudia Kaiser of the Moulinettes and Happy Motors. Finetuning, mixing and mastering was done in Klaus' home studio. Sample & Hold is not only a term used in electronics it also stands for the way of making music and recording Wolfgang and Klaus chose. Based on samples ranging from weird noises to classic instruments the two fiddled it all together like a big mosaic. The results often sound much less electronic as one might think. Free from any expectations and contraints A Million Mercies & Broken Radio travel down their own highway of American music. It's the music they have always loved and grew up listening to. While Wolfgang's songwriting and storytelling is deeply influenced by classic country, Klaus' songs have a stronger blues and soul feel to them." (label info) comes in silkscreened cover
in stock | DE| 2014| HAUSMUSIK | 10.90

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