"'neath the tumbling stars EP is made of three instrumental pieces based on guitar. At a junction between post-rock and ambient, absent without leave builds each track one step at a time. Crystal clear melodies are repeating themselves, intertwining in either quiet or stormy atmospheres ('neath the tumbling stars). A more meditative piece, as the leaves fall from trees is equal to its title. The tearing smoothness and fascination for the slow movement of the leave coming off the tree, flying in the air, before delicately landing on the soft ground are transcribed within those four minutes of introspective guitars. Finally, calm of the sea lights up the end of the record. Ghostly and colourful, those crystal clear guitar parts shine like dusk. While reminding some of the highest pieces from Labradford, Yellow6 or Stars of The Lid, 'neath the tumbling stars EP will surely become a classic." (label info) Numbered edition of 454 copies, with download code.
in stock | CH| 2011| THREE:FOUR RECORDS | 13.90

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