The Ace Of Clubs is one of LUKE VIBERT's multiple monikers. Pure Acid-House, using classical drum-machines, especially Roland's TR series, and of course a fat layer of 303, 'Benefist' album is clearly dance-floor oriented. But for any acid purist, a living room is also a dance-floor in itself! Benefist might sound quite straight to the point, but when listening closely, lots of very thin and precise details arise. The way basslines, snare rushes and riffs are introduced in the tracks, reveals a perfect control of inspiration. With more than fifteen years in the field of electronic music, Luke shows again that he's one of the definitive rulers. Benefist is probably one of his most personal work to date. Surely a very fine brew from the cask. (label info)
in stock | BEL| 2007| FIRSTCASK | 14.90

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