"'Seite B' is the second excerpt of Achim Mohne's live set at Kunsthaus Dresden on 24.v.12, as recorded by Arno Jordan (Analog Inn). The first excerpt, titled 'Seite A', is available to download from This pair of recordings work like a Möbius tape - the end of 'Seite A' is the beginning of 'Seite B' and 'Seite B' ends where 'Seite A' starts. Listen to 'Seite A' on your digital player and to 'Seite B' on your record player, at 45 rpm. The sounds on both sides are by Achim Mohne. Screen-printing by Lukas Julius Keijser. Hand-numbered edition of 100 copies only." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| THE WORMHOLE | 7.90

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