ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE - Born To Be Wild In The USA 2000 (CD)

special offer "In the year 2000, Japan's psychedelic rock masters, The Acid Mothers Temple, hit the road on an endless journey. That journey has taken them to many far and strange places. While braving their way through the wilds of the American venue, they were captured...on tape. That tape surfaced a year later as the much sought after Born To Be Wild In The U.S.A. 2000 LP. It looked like one of those classic dubious "live" records from the seventies in the vein of the Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake and Palmer or Kiss. Photo copied image on plain white sleeve with black labels. Apparently there were 1000 pressed. Not much more was known except the fact that it disappeared very quickly. That LP has been remastered for this one time CD release. Contains the original five long tracks: 1) Acid Tokion 2000 2) La Novia 3) Pink Lady Lemonade 4) Speed Guru 5) God Bless AMT. Packaged in a generic looking purple Digipak except with a lone 'Skull' on the back cover. The front cover has the original LP cover art affixed in the form of a sticker." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| WABANA | 9.90

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