special offer "Duo set from two fringe Tokyo underground operatives on fully-dosed lobe-bypassing form. Acid Rali Communion features Tei Rali - who has cut some beautiful solo minimalist ritual for the Subjective Sprit Sound label as well as collaborating with Yamashirube - alongside his shadow, San Do Rali. The sound is the kind of intensely-focussed space-trance favoured by Ghost at their most minimal with a hint of the DIY guerrilla workings of Religious Knives. Metronomic, delayed guitar generates repeat-contours of tone while electronics spurt like fireflies and the sound of six electric strings blows open rust-caked doors of perception with all of the stinging acid clarity of early Ash Ra Temple/Agitation Free. Second track just hovers in a cloud of thin, brain-spiking electricity, UFO touchdown tones and free percussion. Limited edition of 77 copies." (Volcanic Tongue)
in stock | JP| 2006| SUBJECTIVE SPIRIT SOUND | 7.90

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