"The project æ (now a&e) consists of electronics man Andrew Sharpley (Stock, Hausen & Walkman, Dummy Run, Mami Chan Band etc.) and female percussionist Emiko Ota (Urban Sax, Mami Chan Band etc.). The group got under way in 1998 as a sort Trash-Electro-Punk-Duo with shouting. When after a year they were joined by the notorious avant-guitarist Noel Akchoté (Rectangle etc.), æ's set became more structured and song-oriented. The music? It's a wild mixture of rhythmic cut-ups, crazy cracked-up punk-collages and, well, lounge-melodies. It's almost a miracle that despite all this genre-hopping Sharpley and Ota managed to come up with an album that sounds like a completely rounded piece of work." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2003| SONIG | 10.90

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