"Twin guitars, twin electrical organs, violin, banjo, electric bass and full drum kit - and its monumental, yet unstable sound: Melodic drift and steadfast rhythms in mutual gravitation towards a structurally intuitive, amplified, pan-traditional protopunk folk music. A whirling, glowing stream of elevated consciousness. Leaving behind simplistic notions of what folk music is to develop a deeper exploration of what folk music is about, MX sets out to homestead new musical territory, inviting anyone to visit, view or set up camp. Equal parts introspection and exhalation, this music articulates a courageous example of idiosyncratic music for trance, dance and celebration. Group founders Michael Mrkholt and Theis Boisen Hansen remain MX's driving forces through several formations, from more than a decade of cassette tape experiments to collaborations with folk dancers, Pakistani war drummers and various extended line-ups. A Japan tour found MX collaborating on stage with jaw harp specialist Leo Tadagawa, underground superstar rapper Illreme, master saxophonist Katsura Yamauchi as well as noise-mongers Denshitakuan." (label info)
in stock | DK| 2014| LILLE KOMMUNE | 18.90

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