"With his second solo album 'rises & falls' apestaartje co-founder Koen Holtkamp a.k.a. aero moves even further into developing his own style of psychedelic minimalism. Over a year in the making and based predominately on processed acoustic instrumentation with sympathetic oscillators to further orchestrate the overall sound 'rises & falls' is an extremely dynamic and diverse set of compositions. Endlessly fluttering tones bounce off one another to create an overall body of sound that defies the listeners conception of time and space slowly peeling away layer after layer only to reveal a new direction altogether. A beautiful combination of clean crisp texture and warm modulating melodies each piece effortlessly moves through its ever so gradual changes never quite giving in to the power of suggestion. "A synthetic recreation of something unspecifically organic". For those who take pleasure in listening."
in stock | US| 2003| APESTAARTJE | 13.90

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