AITAR - AITAR II (2CD-R - USED m-/vg++)

"718 is otherwise known as Sun Lei, a central figure on the scene and a participant in various musical and non-musical projects. His work on Nowise Assault draws on both lighter and darker shades of Ambient, underpinned by incisive downtempo beats and subtle ethnic influences. "One/The Funeral Song Of The Cosmos" suggests one of the more interesting artists on the Fax label such as Tetsu Inoue. "Musician In Ziarat", though absurdly overlong, nevertheless showcases 718's perfectly controlled build-up of thickening textures and percussive detail, making for a deeply hypnotic listening experience, simultaneously intense and addictive in the manner of some of Richard H Kirk's Haitian-influenced Techno." (label info)
in stock | CN| 2004| m-/vg++| SUBJAM | 10.00

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