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"This is the authorized edition of the collected text-sound compositions of Ake Hodell. It includes all titles which Hodell himself has described as text-sound compositions. The collection is taken from the time of the premiere of General Buddy-Buddy and Presentarms in 1963 up to Spirit of Ecstasy from 1977. During this period, Ake also worked with radio drama that often had certain parallels to text-sound composition, but never had any doubts himself as to which of his works were text-sound and which were drama. titles: General Bussig (General Buddy-Buddy) (1963), igevär (Present Arms) (1963), Structures III (1967), USS Pacific Ocean (1968), Where is Eldridge Cleaver? (1969), Law & Order Inc. (1970), Mr Smith in Rhodesia (1970), The Road to Nepal (1971), 220 Volt Buddha (1971), Numro Ba Besch (General Buddy-Buddy, version for tape) (1972), The Djurgarden Ferry across the Styx (1972), Cerberus, the Hellhound (1972), General Bonhomme (1972), Presentezarmes (1972), Orpheic Revelations (1973), The Voyage to Labrador (1976), Spirit of Ecstasy, Racing Car Opera (1977)." (label info)
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