Composition and performance: Akio Suzuki Production: Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken, 1. Performance 17.10.97 [52:00], 2. Performance 20.10.97 [6:00]. "This music was recorded in Takano, Tango-cho, the northern-most coast of Kyoto, where I live. The bay surrounded by volcanic rock caves is the place where the mighty sounds of waves of the open sea have their muffled echo. Seawater flows into the hollows in the rock again and again like breathing in and breathing out. Spring water constantly drips in the cave, and now and then the wind from the meadow above the chasm brings the sounds of the crickets...the sound spaces of the coast of Takano. A site of a new encounter with the rhythm of the sounds of the sea." (A.Suzuki)
in stock | DE| 1997| EDITION RZ | 16.90

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