"Originally released on 1986, 35th anniversary Marine Flowers' first remastered, reissue. Genuinely composed as a documentary for Marine wildlife filmed in Palau and commissioned by Pionner's Laser Disc campaign. Some artists have gained huge recognition, some records have been idealized to the point of becoming cult albums. and that's exactly the case of Marine Flowers, by Japanese multiartist Akira Ito. An album that is unique, delicate, exploratory. A true one of a kind sonic adventure that 35 years after its first release comes back in the form of a reissue via Glossy Mistakes. Fladked by more than a phalanx of analog and digital synthesizers from Roland, Korg, and Moog, Akira would dedicate this release to those waters of Palau. Here he would largely improvise on scratch ideas he had in mind, creating a musical base for tracks like "W·A·T·E·R", "Dancing Spirits'', and "Life Goes On" that he'd let invited friends and gifted musicians, like violinist Takashi Toyoda, the late Japanese drum giant Shuichi "Ponta" Murakami, and others contribute their own ideas afterward. Hearing the music now, it's not hard to understand just what Akira stumbled into. Marine Flowers (Science Fantasy) is of a new lineage of "ambient" artists like Hiroshi Yoshimura, Satoshi Sumitani, and others who took academia out of all these therapeutic ideas married to scientific theories, making them into something a bit more universal, malleable, and palpable. Liner notes are written by Diego Olivas, author of the blog Fond/Sond, from an interview with the artist coordinated by Ken Hidaka." (label info)
in stock | ES| 2021| GLOSSY MISTAKES | 28.90

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