"AKIRA KOSEMURA is one of a number of young Tokyo musicians working at the nexus of acoustic instrumentation and minimal electronics. "It's on everything" offers listeners a vision of "daydreaming in the park". A progression of field recordings washed with soft piano and considered electronics. "It's on everything" matches acoustic instruments with a warm sonic environment that reminds us of childhood days and happy memories. Delivered softly and with deliberate reserve, Kosemuras album creates a soft and gentle sonic environment which conjures up contemplation, reflection and introspection. Akira Kosemura (born 1985) is a musician, graphic designer and record label manager (Schole). His work has been featured on several albums and compilations including 'Drifting Skywards 2' Coldroom (France) and 'Electronics unplugged aerotone' (Germany)." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | AU| 2007| SOMEONE GOOD | 13.90

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