"If something can be aseptic cold like the New Romantics and deep, soulful and trippy at the same moment, then this release by Berlin's Al Chem, which is a pretty damn thorough modelling of no wave. Raised from a diet of post-punk, new-wave, lost in a fogged out warehouse, this kind of music and vocals in a minimal lo-fi electronic soul-bed is hard to find. Al Chem's voice and lyrics are beautiful, over an ethereal dive. Al Chem extracting a rich sense of emotion from a hypnotic grooving synth-pad. With some tipp-topp hitters on remix duty: Shahrokh Dini made an absolutely stunning quirky peak time club mix, while Compost's boss Michael Reinboth is riding tough on a stone-cold 80ties groove." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2020| COMPOST | 10.63

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